Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big multi-club Wheelers ride this Sat. March 2nd

Team and other teams, the weather looks so awesome, let's try to have a big Wheelers ride this Sat at 9am.

It would be great if a ton of Calgary cyclists showed up and all started together. According to the Wheelers structure, most people will be together for about 30min before it starts breaking up. It would be a great way all the vets can meet some new riders. Great group riding practice.

Hopefully other clubs, like the Crankys, Niklas group, Top Gear, Cyclemeisters, etc will see this and come along too.

Some of the guys that want a little longer ride plan on reconning the Prairie-Roubaix course once up and over Cochrane hill as well.

Remember, the Wheelers ride IS a drop ride, but is open to any cyclist of any ability, and the idea is that new/lower-ability riders gain experience by riding for a short time with higher-level / experienced cyclists. So don't feel like you don't belong, just come out and learn for as long as possible!

Here is the official Wheelers website. Learn the route in case you end up on your own.



Ryan Kennedy said...

If its just the original length, I'm in. I've only got a couple hours so wouldn't be able to make it for extra additions...

Ferenc said...

You can count on at least one Cyclemeister as well - thanks for organizing it!

Trev said...

The original route is of course an option, and one that will be taken by most probably. By the time some people turn left to do the PR course, you will have a nice tailwind home!


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