Monday, February 25, 2013

Wednesday Night Series (WNS) Planning Meeting

Hello everyone, this coming weekend we are having a planning meeting for the WNS series with Crankmasters. Contact me for any of the following reasons:
- you have some ideas about future races and locations, cool circuit course, newly paved roads?
- you have some comments about what worked and areas for improvement from previous years
- you want to be a race director and take my job so I can race every Wednesday (seriously), this is succession planning
- you will organize one or two races this summer

Leave a comment or email me at mikehealy at shaw dot ca. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Last year's velodrome fun racing before the gala was a blast! Maybe we can "convert" that into a WNS race.

Trev said...

Dan, I was thinking that the track could even be a fairly regular occurance since it is so much fun and super beneficial. I was thinking we could get on there like once every two or three weeks for a big club training session. I need to book and pay for it, but it would be totally worth it. Would you like to be in charge of this initiative? Like figuring out good dates that don't clash with races and ones that you could be there to open up the track and let people in? I would handle all the paperwork.


Anonymous said...

Sure, we can talk about it at one of our spin classes.

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