Sunday, March 31, 2013

The UCI at it again!

Rather than celebrate an amazing victory by one of the classiest riders of the current generation at the 100th edition of one of 5 monuments of cycling, the UCI is at it again, making nonsense rules without consulting anyone especially the bike industry.

First it was the 3 to 1 ratio, then the radios, then the level seat. Each of these done without consultation with the major stakeholders. But this one is likely the most far reaching and hard to comprehend.

In order to be more environmentally friendly they are phasing in a ban on Carbon bikes. By 2015 all bikes used at the pro tour level must be either made from recycled materials and subsequently be fully recyclable. The move is a potential boon to the fledgling Bamboo bike industry or this amazing product...


Darryl said...

Mike, this is old news. Bamboo is not only recyclable, it's totally where it's at for the hip cyclist. Light and strong in addition to being recyclable, bamboo is less prone to splintering than the nay-sayers would have you believe.
If you're totally against it, I'd recommend looking into Balsa bikes. There should be some new models out of Taipei this month!

Chuck J said...

If you read the original UCI press release you'll notice in the fine print that all time trials must be ridden on unicycles. This is retroactive to 1995 for all UCI sanctioned events.

All riders are informed to contact race organizers so they can re-run the affected stages.

Clarence Poon said...

haha nice try april fools!

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