Friday, March 15, 2013

Prairie-Roubaix IV, Spring Classic... it's coming! April 21st 2013

I have officially cleared our imminent arrival to Glendale road through Lafarge and they have graciously agreed to let us use their facility entrance again! I have booked the Porta-Potties and the EMS. Darcy is in the process of clearing everything with Rocky View County and Alberta Transportation.

If you aren't racing, please consider volunteering. It is actually a great volunteer gig, it is exciting to watch and cheer and does not require a huge amount of time. Go to this link to volunteer !! MANY OF THE VOLUTNEER POSITIONS ALLOW YOU TO STILL RACE!



Clarence Poon said...

im not much of a "crosser"
but i will give this race a go !

i'm in !!


kingstrup said...

Lance who?

Anna said...

I'm new to Calgary, and looking forward to this race. Can women do any distance?

Anna Felton

Thomas said...

Hi Anna,

The race is self-seeded so you can pick any category(distance) you would like to race in.


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