Monday, April 28, 2014

First 3 days of riding in Penticton!

Ladies and begins!!  Spring!  At least it has in Penticton B.C.  We are going to try something different this year.  The first 3 days will be easier days with the intent of keeping the group together with the exception of hill/climbs.  On the flat sections the group will stay as one giving everyone a chance to practice the edicates of riding in a group.  I also hope this will allow more people to ride more days through the week or better yet, everyday.  All climbs are a free for all everyday with meeting spots at the top.

Each day we will meet at the Denny's at 939 Burnaby Ave W.  Just google Penticton Denny's for directions.
Be sure to be prepared everyday.  Bring tubes, a pump, 2 bottles, food and maps of the days ride.  It is also highly recommended that you find a riding buddy.  If you do not have one don't worry, we'll make sure your looked after.

First day is Sunday May 11th.

May 11th, Day 1 9:30 am:  A shorter day at 103 km to help everyone get warmed up.  We will make a quick stop in Oliver for water, food and facilities.  Then continue up to area 51 and home through OK Falls.
Day 1 ride here.

May 12th, Day 2 9:00 am:  A little harder and slightly shorter at 99 km.  We will start with "The Wall" then up to White Lake Rd with a stop at the end of White Lake Rd for food, water and facilities.  We will then ride up Green Mountain Rd then down to Penticton.
Day 2 ride here.

May 13th, Day 3 8:30 am:  This is the first long day.  We will again stop in Oliver for food and water then continue on to Osoyoos.  There will be no stop for food in Osoyoos before Anarchist.  The climb up Anarchist will end at the Sasquatch as always.  We then descend back to Osoyoos where we stop for a full lunch at the Timmies!!! Best Timmies in all of Canada, especially if it hot out! ;)  After Tim Hortons we will ride back to Penticton the same way we road out.
Day 3 ride here.

I hope to have more rides posted in a couple of days so stay tuned.



Rob Crooks said...

Sounds like a good start to the week Harley. Cheers

Chuck J said...

Harley, sounds like lots of fun, thanks for putting this info up. However, when I paste the map links you provide I'm taken to a 'friend Harley' page on MapMyRide. Is there a way to show the routes directly?

Starting to look forward to some riding in warm weather. Also looking forward to getting rid of the cold I picked up last Friday!

cyclingnut55 said...

Hi Harley, can you add me as a friend in your map my ride account, I can't access the map's until you do this.

Harley Borlee said...

sorry everyone, please try again and let me know if you can see them.

mikehealy said...

Apex is calling. It's looking for company on day 2.

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