Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Penticton Training Camp is coming!

The 9th Annual STC Penticton Training Camp is almost upon us!

I noticed in the Training Forum some posts about Penticton accommodation. Let's bring this out onto the main page so everyone going to Penticton can see it regularly.

Comment on this post if you are looking for roommates, or a private house, or anything that would help you getting you and your bike to Penticton.  Also, comment on this post if you are going for your first time and looking for riding buddies of similar ability.  Harley, Sarah, and Ernie will do a super job of hosting the camp, but they can't be in all locations at all times. Do what Harley suggested at the AGM: know the daily route, carry the correct amount of nutrition, and know how to change a flat yourself.

I will get on Ernie and Harley to start posting the routes soon, but for now, use this post to start the chatter about Penticton, even if you just want to post that you are excited to get away from this city with the never-ending winter for awhile!



Emily said...

I have had Penticton on my weather app for a few weeks now and check the weather daily. I can't wait to get there and away from this!

Andres Perdomo said...

I will be attending the camp and I have room for another bike and three passengers on my car or if provided or someone borrow a rouf rack I could carry four bikes and four people. I'm also looking forward the long rides I hope to complete all of them. To do so I won't be able to display crazy climbing or max efforts in other words just taking it essay each day, if that's your plan as well let's do it together. If interested on the car pull let me know,

Anonymous said...

Dan is interested in carpooling with Andres.
We can discuss.

Janet Watson said...

HI Andres;

If you have room might carpool, I am looking for accommodation to share if you know of any one with holes to fill.

Thank you,


Darcy G said...

And folks, if you're a new team member, or an long-time member looking to connect with other STC folks in the evening, stay tuned for a list of restaurants that we'll be hitting over the course of the week.

mikehealy said...

Darcy, don't forget the Keremeos Subway. I'm there right now. So far, fighting a headwind for 80 k on ironman loop.

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