Thursday, July 3, 2014

Last Chance for Sunday's Stampede Road Race!

Time is running out for registration for the Stampede Masters Road Race!
Registration closes at 11:59pm tonight.  This is a great race - short and sweet.  Burgers at the finish line.
Since there are no points awarded, it doubles a perfect time to try out those race tactics you've been wanting to unleash but were nervous to try.  It also gives you a chance to race with your age group (aka your buddies in different Categories whom you normally would just catch pre/post race.)
There are already a few STC racers registered, but let's get a good group out there!
Ladies, don't forget to check the training ride forum as we have a small but enthusiastic group heading out to pre-ride tomorrow!

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Emily said...

Thanks for the post! We would love to see some newbie ladies out there this weekend - it's apparently a really good first race (this is my first time doing the Stampede RR too)!

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