Monday, February 8, 2016

Field of Dreams (cyclist's cut)

Scene: A young pre-disgraced Lance speaking to his elder Aussie team mate (Phil Anderson) Lance: "is this heaven"
Phil: "Nah mate, this is New South Wales, Westhead Road"
Legend has it that Tony Abbott, the last PM of Australia and an avid cyclist, had this little used National Park road paved. It may be legend, but on any weekend hundreds, if not thousands of cyclist descend on this little piece of heaven. It's like being in Area 51, but with prefectly smooth riding roads! Stats: 25 KM, 400 meters round trip with plenty of side options to jam up the mileage and meters!


Dennis said...

I did that ride from Manly the last time I was in Australia and it's a great ride - especially during the week when the campers aren't out. Wish it was longer though.

AlanO said...


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