Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wednesday Night Series Fun Wrap Up, Race, and Awards Night.

To all you STC'ers who did the Wednesday Night Series last summer.... this is to you...

Hey WNSers,

Your last chance to RSVP for the Last Chance Qualifier-WNS / Crankmasters Banquet is tonight and tomorrow morning! Send Glenn an email now at glenn@rmvpublications.com to let him know you’ll be there. 

Thursday night is the last chance to enter the Last Chance Qualifier race. Hit the Zone4.ca link and commit to some serious fun that only a callous cyclist could know.

This is just like a typical bike race - everyone registers at the 11th hour! Don’t worry about the weather, its indoors, so the climate is controlled. You’ll have artificial wind generated by massive fans - just like a tail wind. It won’t rain and you won’t crash on icy roads (but be careful on the sweaty cement)! Add that to an easy field of only 9 so far and it will be a breeze.

Caterer Karen wants to know how many pizzas to deliver, so its time. Send me an email now. We'd love you to see you there!

Dinner details: 
Calgary Jewish Community Centre (CJCC) 1607 90 Ave SW
February 20, 2016
Dinner begins at 6 pm, awards start at 7 pm. Event is over at 9 pm.

Race Details:
Races will be held beginning at 4 pm4:40 pm and 5:20 pm
Register and see technical details on Zone4.ca


Glenn Miles

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