Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Speed Theory/Penticton Training Camp

Please note that the 2016 annual Speed Theory Penticton Training Camp will take place from:

 Sunday May 15 (day 1) 


Saturday May 21 (day 7)

Stay tuned for the actual daily routes which will be very similar to prior training camps. Note that the longer challenging days will have a shortcut option to ensure everyone is back in Penticton at a reasonable time for dinner. 

For those who may not want to cook after a long day in the saddle we will also be organizing daily dinner reservations at various local restaurants.

Please indicate if you are attending and also indicate if you are interested in sharing accommodations and/or carpooling.

*Temporary insurance will be available for guests who are not current members of Speed Theory Cycling.

UPDATE:  [Here is the link to follow to become an STC member while in Penticton.]


Ken Erdman said...

Charles: I can't leave work until Wed. p.m. - will show up @ the Training Camp for Thursday - Saturday, May 21. I have accommodation already.

Anonymous said...

Chuck and I will be there for the entire camp. We do have accomodation secured...

Suchaet said...

I'll be arriving on May 15, so will ride Monday to Saturday. Got accommodation with Andres so he'll likely be there the same dates.

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