Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jason Lapierre Memorial Cycling Race meeting last night.

We had a good turnout for the meeting last night. Here is a synopsis of what we decided.

We would like to make the race desirable to Edmontonians willing to make the trip. So we are going to have the events Saturday late-ish afternoon and Sunday mid-morning. This will concentrate the event to make it easier on volunteers as well. We will make it an Omnium and try to devise a cool point structure that will still appeal to the Crit Specialists who would sometime skip the TT. Make the TT short enough that people can't use its length as an excuse to skip it and wait for the Crit, but make it challenging so that the weekend isn't dominated solely by one type of rider.

We are going to use our new location for the Criterium since it will be on almost abandoned wide well-maintained roads making it safe and appealing to cyclists wanting to try a first Crit or to experienced racers that usually shy away from Crits.

So, pending approval from all the authority figures (Rocky View County, the City, the ABA, etc), here is what we are going to do this year!

June 4th late afternoon:    12km TT. Course here.   We wanted a challenging course that would make it worthwhile for people to test their pacing and gearing strategies on.

June 5th mid-morning:  1.1km Crit. Course here.   This course will be a good contrast to something like the Velocity course which contains multiple direction changes and slight elevation changes. This will cater to slightly different skill sets and also appeal to those that may not always enter Crits.

We'll keep everyone updated on the approval progress.


Suchaet said...

Is there no road race this year? The Bergen RR is an awesome course and I think it would be great to have that back on the agenda for the Jay Lap weekend. I think it would also attract a lot of Edmontonians as the RR tends to be the most popular part of a stage race. Just my thoughts...

Trev said...

We totally agree Suchaet about both things; that the Bergen Course is awesome and that it is a great part of the weekend. We looked on the ABA schedule and saw quite a few RR's this year and the RR has been a huge draw on our volunteers for many years. We hope to bring it back for sure and there still may be an opportunity this year, but it would be in late August. We'll chat about it.


Tim Gilbertson said...

Love that TT route. Not pure TT, not pure hill climb. Best of both worlds.

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