Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Congratulations to Darcy and Joelle !

Our JayLap Race Director and his wife just welcomed to the world their first child!  Jayne Charlotte Gullacher was born on May 16th. Both Jayne and Joelle are healthy and doing well.

Darcy is going to be snowed under with this being his first child, so please everyone make yourself available to help at either the June 4th TT or the June 5th Crit and sign up on the volunteer form when it comes out without Darcy having to get on anyone's case.

Congratulations Gullachers !!


AlanO said...

Congratulations folks

Andres Perdomo said...

Awesome congrats

Andres Perdomo said...
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ECosman said...


Marie said...

PICS or it didn't happen! :P

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