Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016 Jason Lapierre Memorial Cycling Weekend - ALL INFO HERE. UPDATED WITH FINAL TECH GUIDE.

The FINAL TECH GUIDE is available here. Note that this is a preliminary tech guide and times / fees / etc and locations are subject to change. Check back for the final guide shortly!

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED !!  Please contact the ABA directly if you need to get 'in'.

And Kid's 'Crush-It' Crit info is here!  It is June 5th at 11:45am.

If you can't race, then Volunteer. Sign up here.

Please bring all your kids and all your neighbour's kids.... and all the kids you pass while driving to the event!  There will be a bouncy castle and a popcorn station for the kids while off the bike!


Chuck J said...

My streak at not being able to participate in the Jaylap remains intact :(
I have to leave Sunday for a work meeting.
I may have to enter the ITT just to break the streak!

Suchaet said...

Darcy, can I suggest moving the start time up a bit? Starting at 6pm means the last racers may not finish until well into the evening, and then the crit starts at 9am the next day. May not be super conducive for recovery and rest. Also means volunteers are there till quite late. Starting at 4 or 5pm still gives out of towners lots of time to get there...

Trev said...

Suchaet, thank you for the comments, we have to keep the times due to an agreement with Rocky View County and now the church. With it only being a 12km TT, recovery shouldn't be a big issue. See you there!


Unknown said...

I realize nothing could be done for this year but those are valid comments for consideration next year. It's not just recovery, but a quick turn around. I probably won't be home until after 10 Sat night and will need to leave the house at 7am again Sun. Something to consider for those of us from out of town, bit not far enough to warrant a hotel. Something to consider. Thanks for putting on the race and looking forward to it.

Dylan C. said...

Organizing a bike race is difficult stuff and there are lots of considerations and concessions the organizers make to ensure it gets pulled off. Not all of these issues are transparent to the racers and I'm happy you guys were able to make it work. This is going to be awesome! Thanks to the organizers for a great contribution to the cycling community.

Dylan, Crankmasters

Unknown said...

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