Monday, January 29, 2007

Mark it on your Calendars.

I figured this would be a good time to get people planning.

The first big race of the year is the GP Bicisport weekend April 28th and 29th. It consists of a 20km TT on Sat. and a closed circuit road race (~2.5km loops) on Sun. at the Speedway hopefully.

It would be great to have everyone out for these races. So if it is possible, please plan it.

I intend to host two clinics before this weekend.

One will be for everyone (inside and outside of the club) and deals with 'How to Race Safely in a Pack'. When I post the date for this, please plan to attend if possible.

The next will be primarily for our huge Cat5 pack (and the two Cat5 Crankys) to go over race tactics and learn to work with each other safely, most of all having lots of fun. I think if we can get at least one dedicated group practice together, it will spike your level of fun exponentially.

Comment if you think this is 'a plan' or if you would rather see something else.



Peter Lawson said...


I've committed to the Police Half on the 29th but am definitely in for the TT!

Looking forward to the clincs too.



Anonymous said...

Maybe on the TT and for sure for the curcuit race.
Rod M.

James CrankYmaster said...

The two Crankys will be there!!

Hey Speed Theory Cat5ers make an effort to attend the clinics they really help to race safe. After two seasons in Cat5 I have yet to crash, Trev may look funny but he knows what he's talking about!!! Come out and learn.

As well if we work together in the races we have enough firepower between our two teams to conceivably dominante Cat5...that would be so cool. Don't be fooled there is strategy in Cat5!! See you there.

Paul Anderson said...

I am in for the BiciSport races for sure - I just hope the weather is better this year. Last year it was frickin' miserable!
10 of us sat in the Tim Hortons for an hour praying the race would be cancelled on Sunday (which it was), but it was fun to watch Fast Legs Franky down 4 XL black coffees and then run around the coffee shop so quickly he turned back time :)

I am also in for the clinics - they are great tactic training and a good opportunity to learn each others riding styles.

Pablo came by my office today and gave me his application form - so we are now totally good to go! He seems like a really good guy and is looking forward to the race season too.

Paul Anderson said...

Trev & I will also be putting on a bike clinic for some of the local junior riders - as we have had several requests to do this again this year. If anyone is interested in helping or knows a young rider looking for some safe riding pointers and racing tips, please let us know.

We will likely hold the junior clinic around the same time as our team clinic.

Anonymous said...

If you need help with the clinic I could help out if needed. I have had some pretty good experiences in crits and could at the very least offer some helpful advice for tight pack racing.
Rod M.

Trev said...

This will be perfect. Thanks Rod. We will be able to split up into groups which will be great. I'll go over the outline for the clinic with you on a ride closer to the date.


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