Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Aero Helmets?

We have an opportunity to get Louis Garneau Rocket TT Helmets customed out with Speed Theory on them to go with our outfits.

*NEW* The helmet would most likely totally compliment our outfits. They should be black, with red logos, and white printing. I have a black Rocket already and it is no hotter than the white one, so this is a non-issue. We are going to look pro. *NEW*

They would be approximately $100. Which is an awesome deal for a Rocket as it is.

Post a comment if you would be interested.


Ernesto said...

I'm interested. I may be able to use it for being fired out of a cannon as well.

Rob said...

I am only interested if I can get the Dodge tag line added,
Yeah, it's got a Hemi

Paul Anderson said...

Wicked! Count me in!

Greg Bradley wants one too for IMArizona

Anonymous said...

I would be interested
Rod M.

paul c said...

"Outfits'?? We are wearing "outfits"??
I will get a lid only if I can get a man purse to match.

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