Thursday, September 6, 2007

Old Guy Provincials and Norquay 5km TT Hill Climb

Guys... I am signed up for the Masters A race this weekend. Who else is?

Mike H., haven't heard from you recently, are you racing this weekend?
Kirk and Carl...where the hell are you guys?

The Norquay Hill climb is next weekend on the 16th. A great little race you can bring your family too since it doesn't take long, then you can hit banff for lunch ! Who's doing it?

I am heading to Vancouver to race the Half Iron there so I won't see you in Norquay, hope to see most of you this weekend in Crossfield.


Anonymous said...

I was planning on racing the masters provincials until - in the line up for IMC 2008 a guy I was talking to asked me if I was willing to risk the 10 months training I had accumulated for one road race. I am racing Ironman Florida in 8 weeks. What advice would Ernesto have?

If anyone is still training let me know, I am still game for some rides.

I will for sure do the Norquay Hill Climb. It's supposed to be good training for the Florida ironman course. I hear there's a tough highway overpass to climb.

A-Train said...

I Plan to be at the Norquay Hill Climb.

Mike, I'm available for some rides next week to prep. I'll try to post some rides.

Carl Miiller said...

Trev, sorry I've been MIA lately. Life has been busy lately.

I'm registered for the Norquay Hill Climb.


P.S. I'll work on talking Kirk into this race as well.

Cyrus said...

No Trev for the Norquay climb?! Boo!

Anonymous said...

I was planning on doing Norquay but decided to go to Vancouver for the Half Iron instead. See you there Trev!!

Paul C.

Trev said...

Cool.. check this out, I made Xtri.

Trev said...

Cyrus.. the only purpose I would serve at the Norquay Hill Climb would be to pad the list of people you crush. ... just like at COP.

Good luck.... and tape your hand to the handle bar for maximum grip !!

Anonymous said...

So my race plan for the Vancouver Half Iron is pretty simple:

1) Be out of the water before Trev is off the bike.

2) Be finished the run before Trev's plane lands back in Calgary.

Wish me luck!

Paul C.

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