Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wednesday Night Ride

We're not going for anything extremely hard here. We just want to get out and enjoy riding before the weather turns cold. The more people that can come the better.

We'll meet at the Extreme Bean around 6:15pm. I believe Steve and James are already in. Post a comment if you can come so we don't leave without you.


Anonymous said...

Hey A-Train

Unless the weather is really bad I am indeed in.

James T.

Carl Miiller said...

I'm running the CSPG 10km race that night so I'll miss the ride.

Let me know if you want to carpool to Banff this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey James and Alex,

this might be a good opportunity for me to meet some of the Speed Theory guys in preparation for next year. Email me the details at work today, I am planning to catch up with you guys for the ride.

Dan Sigouin

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