Monday, September 10, 2007

Masters Provincial Champion.....Trev Williams

Well, Speed Theory now hosts two Provincial Champions this season as Trev repeated as Masters Champion in Crossfield yesterday.

The day started with perfect riding conditions, sunny, clear, +15, and moderated wind. By days end it became a scorcher thanks to the wheels of Trev Williams, who torched the course and left those attempting to hang on in udder disarray.

A two man break took off almost right from the beginning with the pack staying in check. Then towards the end of lap one Trev decided it was go time and by himself began to reel the two leaders in. Only a quarter of the way through the second and final lap Trev had caught the twosome. However the pleasantries would only last temporarily as Trev turned it up another notch and at the halfway mark of lap number two he had shed the two riders and had about a 2 minute advantage. He continued to pick'em up and lay'em down cruising to a victory that saw no one in the distance. Although waiting for the official results the estimated time before another rider crossed the finish line was about 5-6 minutes. Total domination!!!

Congrats Trev on an epic ride.

Full Results Here


Anonymous said...

Congradulations Trev !!

Alex great post!

James T.

Rob said...

T-Rev, congrats as always . . . so begins the dynasty of speed theory. Bwah hahahaha. Awesome reporting A-Train.

See you guys soon.

Fat, addicted to beer and currently in London.

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