Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fundraising suggestions wanted

A recent appeal for assistance with a would-be cyclist (and a bit of a humourous backhanded compliment for Darcy at the end :) Sorry Darcy, I'm sure she didn't mean it that way. :)).

Any suggestions, email Mary directly, her address is: oregan at shaw, dot ca.


"I need some help. My daughter's father has just been diagnosed with
Mesothelioma and is not doing well. When I was out for a ride last week
with my daughter (she is a 24 year old student nurse), I mentioned the
Conquer cancer ride to her. Before I could even finish telling her about it
she said "I'm in". Right now she is riding an old clunker of a mountain
bike and has put about 150k's on it this year. That is the most she has
ridden in the last 10 years. So we have lots of work to do but she is very
We have signed up for the ride (I am OK with everything) so we are committed
to it and the cause. We have signed up on the Massey Mashers team. BUT she
needs a bike - donated would be ideal but...... So I am asking everyone I
know to keep their eyes and ears open for a good but cheap bike for her to
do this ride.
She is 6' tall (I'm 5'2") and has a 36" inseam so needs a large bike.
Any help would be greatly appreciated - any ideas - like can she put a sign
up on a board at the store or or or.

I was out to watch the crit up on Stoney trail and what a blast to watch it.
Darcy finished and that is great.
Take care and thanks


Joel said...

I have a 56" entry level 2005 Giant that doesn't fit me and is collecting dust in my house. I will email her and see if she is interested. It needs a bit of a tune up but otherwise is in pretty good shape. I will try to get it cleaned up and donate it for their effort.

Joel said...


Can you confirm that email address? It doesn't seem right.

Darcy G said...


That e-mail address should be right: oregan[at]

Mary and I know each other through a charity ride that is put on through the Canadian Bible Society each year. For the past three years we've also been involved in planning the ride. She's a great person, and I know her daughter will be very grateful for the bike.


Mary O'Regan said...

That would be absolutely amazing. I spoke to Sheena and all she could say was WOW thank you.
Please contact me when you get a chance.

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