Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stiff, sore, and PUMPED !

Wow, what an awesome turnout to the races last night. Last year for the first two races, they started the B and A's together since there was barely anybody there. This year both fields were bigger than a few of the road races this year! Awesome. Great to see so many SpeedTheorists out racing and cheering.

As for me, I am a mess today. I forgot how hard 'cross was !! I love it!

Pictures from emak2


Scott G-C said...

Last night was so hot it literally started a fire., I can't believe how many people where at the race, and I think some of the people out for a walk even stopped to watch.

I want to thank everyone for the cheers and encouragement.

Can wait for the next race and even more stocked to try some of the ABA races this year.

Trev said...

Scott isn't kidding. A grass fire started just north of the race course just as the duel between Bunnin and McNeil was heating up. The flashing lights from the Fire Trucks gave it a disco atmosphere.

Darcy G said...


Just make sure it's not a photo of me. I'm a great case study in how not to dismount/mount in a cyclocross race. I'd bring embarrassment to the club! =)

Lockie said...

Yeah, no denying cross being super wicked fun. And spectating was great as well: you can see the whole course and there were lots of good suffer-faces! :)

Darcy, you're out there, givin'er...that's no reason to be embarassed!

There have been lots of cameras out the past two weeks, but I haven't been able to find any photos posted online so far.

polishbaba said...

Photos from Midweek Cross Race #1, 2009 - Laycock Park


midweek said...

here are some more photos from the first week....

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