Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jared in Pro Crit tonight in Las Vegas

While most of us will be thinking of only having one more beer before bed at 10:30pm tonight, Jared will be clipping in and participating in the fastest crit of his life!! The race starts at 9:30pm Las Vegas time and podium celebrations are scheduled for 10:30pm.. oh yah.. it is 60km long !! HOLY CRAP !!

Good luck Jared.

Chris Hooper is watching and I gave him my little Flip Video Camera so hopefully we'll have a few good videos to post by the weekend.

From Jared
Well, I am here in vegas to find what cool new products speedtheory should bring in next year. There are bikes everywhere. More on that later.

Right now I am sitting in my hotel room doing some stretching. Why? Well I somehow managed to get myself an entry into the US Pro crit series final tonight. How? I don't know. at 9:15 tonight I will toe the line with the best crit riders in the US. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. How long will I last? Trev and Kyle both guessed 2 laps. Badger said slightly longer. But only slightly. We will see.

The course is a 1k course with 5 corners and a roundabout. 60k long in the pancake flat parking lot of Mandalay Bay.

Off I go.


Jared lasted more than half way through the crit. Then apparently the pace went balistic and he got taken out by another racer. He and his bike are fine though, apparently just with a big bump on his arm he is getting X-rayed.


Dallas said...

Try to catch some of the bike Polo that will be going on inside the Crit course ( when you dnf), in the inner circle. Several guys from Calgary playing high stakes Vegas Polo. Franzky and Carter.

good luck!

Kyle Marcotte said...

Jared is hanging on... over half way through the crit. Go Jared!

Dallas said...

aw, stupid sketch american racers... way go Jared! hope you're ok.

Joel said...


You're an animal!!

Harley Borlee said...

Good job Jared, those pro crit guys are f'in fast!!! Hope your oka. Looking forward to some stories.

Hoop said...

I witnessed the action first hand - Jared did the speed theory kit very proud! He was moving up through the field when he got taken out... Pictures to follow.

PS - I would not recommend a visit to the ER in Las Vegas...

Jared Green said...

Well, I am alive. I went down with 14 laps to go (60 total). Basically, a guy took out my front wheel on a corner and I ended up going through a steel fence at around 45kph. Fun stuff. My hand is swollen pretty badly and both arms are bruised pretty badly. I don't think anything is broken.

Overall, that was the fastest race I have ever done. It was so much fun.

Jeff said...

I watched you race Jared. I cheered you on from corner 1 and was impressed. I moved to the finish as I noticed you moving up and never saw you again. Glad to hear you are alright. It may be the only race you start with the likes of Domonique Rollin and Rashaan Bahati ! Liz Hatch and Frankie Andreau to name a few were in the crowd as well.

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