Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Team Membership is up!

Guys, I have opened up Team Membership for 2011. Remember that your current membership ends as of Dec. 31st 2010, and with that any ABA insurance. By registering before the new year, you ensure there are no hiccups in coverage. Also, it gives us a good indication of our team numbers for next year. We will try to get in a clothing order very early this year, as Thomas has a much more efficient way of doing it up his sleeve. I am looking forward to this!

This year we are making sure to return to our roots and focus on grass roots rider development and TEAM development. I hope to host several clinics on training/racing safety and etiquette. I would like to see the women's team evolve into a cohesive unit that can draw on each other for support and motivation. I also plan on introducing a weekly ride similar to the 'Wheelers Ride' in Victoria, that starts every week at the same place, follows the same route, and has a dedicated warm up section, fun section, then spin-it-home section. This ride would be open to all those with ABA licenses and we can use this as a launching pad for experienced racers to help up-and-comers (regardless of team). I learned to ride and race by showing up for the Wheeler's Ride in Victoria every weekend until a year later I completed it with the group !! It was a great resource and was constructive for all those involved, from experienced racer right down to novice. I would like the team to contribute to a resource like that in Calgary.

We are successful because of our unique team atmosphere, I want to continue to foster that while we adapt with the growing numbers. I am confident this can be accomplished with the amazing people we already have in our club.

We are currently applying to host the Prairie-Roubaix and the JayLap Memorial. These will be our only big races. The PR will not be sanctioned and I hope will have the same 'Pure Race' feel as last year. We will contribute to the Wednesday night race series as I see these as another super resource for all levels of cyclist.

The link to sign up for your 2011 membership is here. You do not need to be a current team member or have to get a hold of me to sign up. But you DO need to be motivated to get on your bike!

Thanks, Trev

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