Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bike Fit at Speed Theory by Speed Matrix. (UPDATE: postponed)

I figured I better educate myself on different bike fitting techniques a little more rigorously and figured the best way to start was go through one of the processes myself. SpeedMatrix follows the Retul guidelines and procedures. I will be going there at 3pm and getting an official fit on my TT bike. If anyone wants to drop by and watch or ask questions, this would be a great time. I will be there until the start of spin at 6pm.

UPDATE: I got sick last night and can't even think about doing this right now. I will post when the fitting is on again.


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Dennis said...

I got fitted by Adam in the spring of 2010 and highly recommend it. He has a cool mapping tool that can analyze your movements in 3-D.

Turns out my hips/legs are not perfectly symmetrical so he positioned the cleats differently on each shoe, along with some shims underneath the cleats to bring in my knees and maximize power delivery to the bike. I think my ITT performance was much better this year as a result.

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