Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Cross

Darryl did a great job at reporting Saturday’s race, and most of Sunday’s race, so I’ll report the remainder of the day.

I have to say this was by far the best race of the season, just because of the energy and fun that was buzzing at Shaganappi Park on Halloween Day. Terrascape Racing did a fantastic job at organizing another fun race, which seems to be getting bigger each year. It was so cool to see so many costumes out, the women’s field in particular. I think it’s safe to say that if you weren’t dressed up, you felt out of place. Which is funny since I worried I would feel out of my place by dressing up. Lucky for me I didn’t worry too much, as my Strawberry Shortcake costume got me best dressed in the Women’s category, and a $25 gift card to a local shop. With 21 women at the start line, it was the largest number of women I have seen yet a cross race. Thankfully, my points in the series earned me my first ‘call up’ on both days so I didn’t have to work my way through the large field of women on either day. Marcy was dressed up as a zombie, as was Thomas. Jennifer R was Wonder Woman, and Tanya H was a Cross racer in a skin suit. Tanya earned the special 11th place jersey which had special meaning to Jeff Neilsen of Terrascape, and saw that the 11th place finishers in each category received their jersey.

Of special note, Katy Curtis schooled the boys again in Expert with a 2nd place finish, and this time showing them that a skinsuit doesn’t always make you faster, but perhaps a Tim Horton’s uniform does. Pepper Harlton held them off as well with a 4th place finish. Also in the Expert category, there was a little tomfoolery with CP Walsh and Tim Brezsnyak putting on a performance for the spectators who were enjoying beer and chili on the sidelines. In the Elite field there were a few people dressed up as well, showing everyone that even the fast guys have a less serious side to them. We had an Elf, a non-breathable 3-piece suit, and the best costume of the day, was a robot made out of a cardboard box and miscellaneous items found at Home Depot. The fact he even raced in it earned him props, and not only did he get best costume, he also got the Big Air prize in that category.

Great way to wrap up the season of ABA races, and the last ABA race is the River Bend Cross Madness in Red Deer put on by CABC. Tech guide is found here:

Awesome photos courtesy of Bill Quinney can be found here:

This weekend Keith Bayly, Charles Bougie and I are Toronto bound for Cyclocross Nationals competing in the Masters categories on Saturday as well as Sunday’s UCI race. Stay tuned for a Nationals race report!

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Nice - good luck with the Nationals. Don't hurt them too bad.

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