Sunday, October 30, 2011

That's A Wrap On 2011 ABA Racing

Speed Theorists,

First of all, a big, big thanks to Tom and Lesley Kenny for hosting a truly awesome Gala a couple of weeks ago. Also, thanks to the team for the trophy and gift card. It's been a pleasure to help Speed Theory put on some great events. BTW, the Harley Borlee -- Darcy Gullacher Mt. Revelstoke Challenge is now the Harley Borlee -- Darcy Gullacher -- Thomas Yip challenge. Expect lots of trash talk over the winter...

Secondly, there has NOT been enough chatter about 'cross season on this blog, so I'll remedy that. Today was the Beans n' Barley 'cross, put on by the fine folks at Terrascape Racing. It was, in my opinion, a solid course, with a deceptive amount of climbing and one nasty stair run-up.

Speed Theory was well represented in Sport Men, with Rick C, Derek J, Matt J. and Robert to good spots. Clarke E. was in the hunt with Steve P., and I was the caboose of the bunch yet again. In Open Women Jenn J. rode to a great 7th place, Marcy K. represented well in the pack, and Melody S. worked hard in her second ever 'cross. In Expert Men, Charles B. rolled a tire, which ended his day early, but Thomas Y. won the sprint for the coveted 11th place. Sure, Thomas may have moved up to Cat 2 this year, but really, 11th in the BnB is about as good as it gets. And Harley? Harley was out for good times. It was a great day with great weather. What a way to end the 2011 ABA race season.


Steve P said...

Fun race; kudos to those Terrascape guys. Great event and good atmosphere, it was a hoot!

Clarke E said...

That was awesome for sure. Fun and technical course. Loved the spiral idea.

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