Thursday, November 1, 2012

200KM Brevet - Base miles :)

The date is January 12th, 2013 hosted by the Arizona Randonneurs who do a great job at hosting an event.  Some of you may know that over the past few years a number of Speed Theorists have come down to participate in this event.  The event leaves from the Town of Casa Grande which is half way between Phoenix and Tucson.  We will grab hotel rooms there on the evening of the 11th.

This year there will be a no drop policy for the crew that comes down, team effort, plus learning how to ride a Brevet.  Interested riders are welcome to come down the week before or part thereof and stay at my home in Tucson.   I can't promise I can ride with you every day but I'll get you pointed in the right direction.

Don't be intimated by the distance,  trust me, all walks of life get this done.

Let me know via this post if your interested and we will firm up details as the date gets closer.  I have heard there are inexpensive flights into Phoenix right now.  If you can get to Phoenix I'll let you know the most efficient way to get to Tucson.


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Tom said...

I've done this one before. There is one hill at the start and the rest is flat. Really! OK there are two hills at the start but they are not steep. Doesn't matter what category you ride, you can do this. Locky, are you out there? We won't leave you at the checkpoint (he was hitting on the check point girls...euw). Trev and Stephen can pull our sorry butts the entire way (because they like doing that sort of thing). Checking into flights. Roughly $370.00 round trip. Or 10 billion air mile points.

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