Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get ready for winter riding!!!!

You had good intentions last year but just didn't get out for some winter adventures. This post will help you overcome any obstacles and get riding!!

So, what do you have to do to enjoy winter riding? It's prepared and ready to go.

What you will need...

A cyclocross or mountain bike. (CX is much easier to ride in the snow).

Fenders! The good ones that cover the entire top half of your rear wheel and the part of your front wheel that can spit snow on you. This is an absolute must. Don't cheap out here. Fenders make Friends.

Lights-a blinky red one for the back and a white light for the front

To stay warm-light neck buff (trust me), good gloves, ideally winter riding boots (or your shoes with booties), base layer for top and bottom, jersey, vest, arm warmers, fleecy bibs, something to protect your quads from the wind. Start going out between +5 and -10 at first. Take note if you were too hot or too cold on your ride and add or remove layers next time.

A passion for adventure. This is also a must as adventure is guaranteed!

Lastly, check the blog often and post lots and lots of rides yourself. If we keep going, eventually we will have a nice size group to ride with every weekend.

Email me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you out there having fun!!


Darryl said...

Every winter is the same. The first few big snow days make me nervous, but I get to work by bike so I just get on and go. Then I get to ride home on a day like today when the snow is softly falling and the cars are slowly crawling and my teeth get cold from smiling too much.

Ryan Kennedy said...

I usually try to ride from the downtown area out to Wild Rose Brewery at least one evening a week all winter, in addition to regular commuting... blizzard conditions make things especially fun (for some reason) and guarantee plenty of tables at the taproom.

Chuck J said...

Winter riding is fun, especially on boot packed trails at night through the woods with no lights. How are we gonna know when and where to meet?

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