Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doctrine Kit and Pink Doctrine Kit is available now as well.

CLARITY PLEASE!:  I had someone ask me which kit to order if they want to race and represent the club. The answer is order the STC kit!!  The Doctrine kit and the Pink Doctrine kit is an alternative choice for riding but not for racing ABA events! It is a fun option that many athletes were asking for.

Guys, we have opened up the STC clothing order as the email said, but I have been getting quite a few requests for the wicked Doctrine Kit, and even more for the Pink Doctrine Kit.

There is a tab for the Doctrine and Pink Doctrine Kit on the STC order, but the direct links are here:

Doctrine Kit

Pink Doctrine Kit  (Note: I got a lot of requests for the
jacket for this style, so I have added this one!)


Emily said...

Ladies - how do the Doctrine shorts fit in the leg (i.e. how tight is the elastic)? I have issues with a too tight elastic on the STC shorts so wonder if they're the same?

Trev said...

I am not 'ladies', but there is no elastic band on any of the shorts this year. We decided to go with the upgraded silicon gripper. The feedback so far has been really positive. I will email several of my Spinmommas to pitch in here.


Andrea said...

Hi - the silicone gripper on the new shorts this year is comfortable and not constricting.

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