Monday, May 6, 2013

Penticton 2013 - Final thoughts...

This will be the last post before the Penticton week. I suggest printing the dossier above and know the routes you plan to ride (you can also load all the maps into your iphone's mapmyride app). All rides will be starting from the Denny's in the Sandman and also note the start times for each day. Please have some familiarity with the routes and be prepared for anything. Carry tools, tubes, patch kits, etc. I highly recommend not riding old tires, especially the one you have been melting on your trainer all winter. New tires are not sexy like fancy carbon parts, but they sure scream love.

Some other things to remember/bring:
  • Small frame or pocket sized pump to carry on rides. I know lots of people just carry co2. I also know people who have gotten 4 flats on a single ride. co2 is like a one night stand, pumps are like a BFF.
  • Valid Passport if you plan on doing the USA ride.
  • Clothes for all types of weather, it can be cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoon and everything in between. It's also a good idea to bring wet weather clothes, you never know what mother nature will throw at us. Fingers crossed.
  • Good attitude. We're all here on vacation and to have fun.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are bringing a friend/partner/spouse and they plan to ride with the group they must be an STC member if they're not an STC member then they must purchase the temp club membership. (link is above). No STC membership, no riding with the group. There will be no exceptions.
And finally keep an eye on the blog for any potential updates during the week.

See you all Sunday morning!

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Steve Waters said...

Thanks for all your efforts in organizing this! It's going to be a great week.

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