Sunday, May 26, 2013

PLRR Race Report

Unfortunately, this race report isn't much of a race report. If you have a spouse, future spouse, significant other and/or children who aren't keen on you doing this whole bike racing thing, send them out of the room right now. For those that haven't heard, there were two serious crashes at Pigeon Lake today, one in Cat 4 and one in Cat 5, both on the north straight about 500 metres from each other.

I'll spare details, because no one wants to read about misfortunes of others. However, the crashes were serious enough that the road was closed, I heard STARS air ambulance was called, and the races were stopped. The Cat 5s and juniors were able to finish, but no one else.

Here's to a full recovery for all who were involved in the crashes (including Adam, an STC Cat 5). And here's hoping the rest of the season is incident-free. I saw enough guys on the pavement today to last me all year.

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