Thursday, September 5, 2013

Speed Theory Tour of Alberta GranFondo(ish) - Saturday, Sept 7


UPDATE: Joelle and I are also planning to head into Black Diamond for the Start Festival for 10:30 am. Any and all are welcome to join, but the plan is still to be at the church for 12:00 pm.

BTW: This ride is on rain or shine.

ST Folks, I'm calling a Speed Theory GranFondo for Saturday, Sept 7. It will be a fairly relaxed Fondo, mostly consisting of cruising around Stage 4 of the Tour of Alberta. Here's the plan:

- I suspect parking will be a nightmare at the 22X/37 Ave gravel lot, so I've arranged parking at Millerville Community Church, which is right on the race route. I know the pastor and he's avid cyclist and former racer, so it's all on the up and up.
- Meeting time: 12:00 pm

We'll ride down to the junction with Hwy 22 and Hwy 549, watch the racers pass, and then work our way up to the KOM on TWP 274, watch the racers again (twice), and hopefully blitz our way back to the north junction of 22/549 to see them a fourth time.

Come one, come all, and bring friends. This is a ride for chatting and relaxing.

TOA Stage Four Map is here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan Darcy. Millerville church at noon. Is there a chance we can't ride the route.? When do they close the road? I think the best spot to watch would be at the top of the big hill by the Leighton Centre. Thoughts?

Steve P said...

Hey Tom,

I am volunteering for the Friday stage, and from what I understood the motos will close the road about 10 minutes ahead of the riders. Then about 5-10 minutes back will be the last moto and the road is open again. So, the road should be OK to ride portions of it well before the riders.

Clarence Poon said...

hey does anyone want to go on Thursday and Friday to check out the race? I will be driving out to red deer for the finish, then on Friday to Strathmore for the start and finish.


Harley Borlee said...

this sound good Darcy, I plan to be there as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm in for Saturday.
Also off on Friday, so I will join Clarence for the Strathmore (or Drumheller maybe) stage.

Charles said...

I may try and leave the city and ride all the way there if anyone is interested.

Trev said...

I will be there!

JennyT said...

i will be there on Saturday! Thanks for organizing Darcy!
Sorry I missed you in Red Deer Clarence.
See you guys tomorrow am in Strathmore!

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Kim and I will both be there.


David B said...

I will be there. - David

Ryan Lemiski said...

Meghan and I are headed to Drumheller for the sprint. Anyone else going to be there? Look for us at the finish line.

Anonymous said...

Im in, see you in Millarville

Steve P said...

This is super cool; I hope to be at the starting festivities and the ride. Hopefully see you there!

Slayer Dan said...

I'm heading down as well. I'll be on the race route with my camera imitating the Dutch fans on Dutch corner. I'll be with my concert buddy from Okotoks. I might need someone to drive me back in case we get really drunk on the side of the road.

Okay I'm kidding.

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