Sunday, September 8, 2013

12-28. I definitely need to put on the 12-28.

I know, I know. The Tour of Alberta is so cool. The pro's are everywhere. They're fast and tough. I'd like to be there too so I could revel in it, but life isn't always fair.
So, we're in Newfoundland. Been here a week and finally had a chance to get out for a ride. (New job, new office, new house, new school - it all takes up riding time.) Saturday dawned clear and fair. Barometer steady. Time to go riding.
Now, when riding from our house in Wildwood I never gave my gearing much thought. I typically used what Cam refers to as he-man gearing. The mighty 11-23. Sure, I've got an 11-25 that was recommended to me for one race or another and an 11-27 that someone convinced me I needed once, but the 11-23 is a go-to choice. It's got me through many TTs, IMC (Penticton) and up Rainy Ridge several times. It should suffice.
I rode from our new home in Torbay to Cape Spear yesterday. There are a few bays and St. John's harbour between here and there. Some of the climbs get a touch peaky. There are many hills. The 11-23 is about to go on my trainer wheel. This is what the ride looked like in elevation:

 The elevations don't get to be too big. They're only about 220 metres asl at their highest. They start right at sea level though. Also, right at the sharp bits at the top of the highest hills the grade goes to 18%. Dude. My knees are a bit knackered today - good thing it's chucking down with rain so I have no urge to go try it again. 
There are compensations. This is the view from Marine Drive, about to head down to Logy Bay (and then up again and then down to Middle Cove and then up again and ... you get the picture).

When you're tired of hanging out with all the high-powered euros and aussies and such, give a thought to those of us out on the Rock. We'll be going down, or up. And looking for a really big cassette. If you find yourself out on a picturesque island in the middle of the north Atlantic, look me up. I'll be able to show you where to ride. I'll also have access to as many teeth as you might want.

Long may your big jib draw.


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Anonymous said...

Darryl, would love to come out there to ride. Sounds like I need to invest in a monster cassette, a rain jacket and a good accent. And maybe a large bottle of IBbroken. Stay in touch.

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