Monday, September 2, 2013

We're here!

Dennis and I just pre-rode the course 3 times. There was an awesome family event here in the morning with parents and kids and chariots and scooters and trikes! It was great to see. Then the pros started riding the course in their TT kit! I saw Ryder and I think David Millar, for sure I saw Zach Bell too!

So I think I leave the start ramp tomorrow at 5:45pm. The first pro goes at 6:15pm. So a little more gap than I thought, but Alex wanted us to be able to watch all the finishers, which was nice. So I will text Paul right after I finish and get to a phone with my time. He will post my time here. That way when you are watching it live on TV you can be comparing mine and Dennis' time with the real racers !! 

It is a totally big ring course. There are only about 3 corners and the KOM uphill where I think I will need to get out of my aero-bars, so that means that the World Tour guys will be slammed the whole time except for maybe a bit of the uphill. It is a Sagan friendly course for sure with lots of corners and the main hill is only about 40seconds long.

The last picture is of Dennis and I relaxing in the Beer Gardens after the tough pre-ride :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck boys! Go haphazard!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, spell check working overtime. I meant haaaard! :-)

Steve P said...

This is totally so cool. Make sure to kick some Pro ass!

Albert said...

hey, i took those pictures!

Lawrence Zalasky said...

This is totally awesome Trev. We'll be watching tonight!

Steve P said...

Any idea on how to watch this thing if you don't have cable/Rogers Sportsnet...?

Trev said...

I would suspect it is on or


Chuck J said...

Dennis and Trev:


This is the time for the ride of your life! Look those pros in the eye, find that strength and rip! Ride for your kids, ride for your friends, ride for your team.

When you're at the limit, dig deep and remember that family, friends and team are pushing you forward. Punch through and find a new limit!


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