Sunday, March 23, 2014

Penticton STC Training Camp!

STC Penticton Training Camp 2015

Classics season has started! Belgian spring has arrived! Time to start planning our Penticton training camp.

Dates will be May 10th - 16th 2015

UPDATES from 2014:
First three days of riding.
First three days of group dinners.
Days 4 through 6 of riding.

If you have a spouse or family member or a direct friend that is coming just to ride on the designated routes with the ride leaders, a link will be coming to get their temporary STC membership so that we can pay your insurance to the ABA.

Ride ideas welcome! Please send any ride ideas that you would like to see to Harley

We talked about Penticton at the AGM and it seems a TON of people are going! There will be more info on this as the time draws closer. For now, keep an eye on the webpage for Harley or Ernie to post more info in the coming weeks.

Post a comment here if you are looking for a roommate during your time here!

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