Monday, March 31, 2014

Update on Clothing Order. May 2nd is the day.

I just heard from Champion-Systems that the clothing is scheduled to ship from the fine craftsmen of Italy's best clothing house (read: China) on April 28th, and will be arriving on May 2nd. Which is perfect, since you will get in a few rides in your new shorts and jerseys before hitting up Penticton!

I will need some help that weekend with the sorting. Do you want to make it May 2nd evening? It would take me all day, but with 4 to 5 people it takes like an hour. The club will provide the beer and wine to make it go more smoothly! If the weather sucks, we can do it in The Engine Room and then hammer on the bikes for an hour or so watching a Spring Classic after and kill two birds with one stone.

Who's in?



aztrpt said...

Sure, I can help out. That date and time works fine for me.

AlanO said...

I'm available.

Chuck J said...

I'll help.

Derek Jobson said...

i'm in

Anonymous said...

I'm in.

Rob Crooks said...

I can lend a hand Trev. Rob

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