Tuesday, March 18, 2014

STC AGM / Get together

Club, our Annual Meeting / Get Together is March 20th at 7pm. The get together will be at Speed Theory Calgary, which is at 735A 10th Ave. SW.

How we do our annual meeting is more of a 'party' than a 'meeting'. Free food and beer/wine and good company!

If you are thinking of joining the club, please come down and meet us! We use this get together for people to see if they like our vibe!

I give a quick year in review, what worked, what didn't and then:

1.) Harley and Ernie will talk about the awesome Penticton training camp in May (below's post).
2.) Darcy will talk about the Third Race in the JayLap weekend (Aug 8th - 10th).
3.) Marie will talk about the women side of things.
4.) Trev will quickly talk about the state of our awesome Jason Lapierre Memorial Public Fitness facility.
5.) Harley will talk about his now famous Thursday night skills sessions. (Which are probably the best opportunity for Masters to learn real road group cycling in Alberta)
6.) Mike and Ernie will talk about the Wed. Night Series. (May 21st - Aug. 27th)

It seems like a lot, but we approach it like a conversation in a party, not like a condo board meeting, so plan to attend!

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Peter McCrory said...

Thanks for putting on the AGM Trev, great to catch up with some of the gang and see such a diverse group out. Keep calm, and Pedal on!! :)

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