Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Annual General Get Together on Feb. 5th at 7pm Potential Club Members Welcome !!

Annual General Get Together (AGM)  Feb 5th at 7pm !!

Club, we'll meet on February 5th where we'll meet, eat, drink, and get pumped up for next year !!  We will have a very short 'formal' section where we talk about our successes of 2014 and where the club is going for 2015. If you are thinking of joining the club, this is a great time to come and see if you like what you hear and enjoy everyone's company.

Rough sched:
Everyone hang out for a bit eating and grabbing a beer.
Trev gives quick synopsis of 2014.
Harley, talks about Penticton which will be May 10th - 16th. (Crazy popular training camp)
Marie, Jenn, Sarah, and Emily talk about the women's group.
Darcy talks about our plans for the JayLap in 2015.
Everyone hangs out and meets new members and potential members.

Meet at Speed Theory on Feb. 5th around 7pm. The store will be closed, so we have the whole place to hang out.

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