Sunday, January 25, 2015

Clothing is up and ready to order. Deadline Feb. 20th.

We are doing things a bit differently this year. Champion has set up a 'Store Front' for us to use. This means, you will log in with your created login with it's associated name, then on Feb. 20th Champion will gather all the orders made for STC, make the stuff, and package it all individually for your order, and send it. This way there is no sorting to be done and no potential mistakes made by me while I collate all the orders like in the old days!!

Here is how to order.

1.) Follow this link.
2.) Use the LEFT login screen and login (in the space where it asks for an email address) as: speed with the password: theory
3.) Create your profile so Champion knows who to package all the clothes up for.
4.) Go through the store and order what you need/want.

There are some new items, the most significant is the creation of women's specific cuts and chamois for the bib and shorts called 'Bella' and 'Donna'... have a look at those.
The most popular jersey is the 'CS Air Lite Short Sleeve' it is the one that we have been getting for several years. There are some preyty expensive other options, if you want something with more features.
The most popular short is the 'CS Pro Bib Shorts' it is a bit of an upgrade to the ones most of us have been getting for the last several years, but in my opinion worth it.

We will close the store on Feb. 20th


JennyT said...

Hi Trev! Do you know what the CS Vivid Upgrade is? It's an additional 30 dollars...

Trev said...

That is that cool paint they put on the garment that lights up when a headlight shines on it. Apparently it is pretty amazing, but I haven't seen it live. I would only get it on an 'outer' garment, like a vest, or a jacket, since if you are riding at night, you probably aren't in just a jersey.


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