Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tour Down Under 2015

Start of the 2015 Bupa Challenge ride. Stage 4 of the race. 6800 cyclists, good luck finding your mates in this mess! It was a great and well organized event. We enjoyed the ride and then hit the gas over the last 30 Km. Huge festival at the finish with tens of thousands of people. We set up at 175 metres to go. Sprint finish at about 70+KPH until: Huge crash. Smell of burning carbon everywhere. Dead silence in the crowd. Crappy way to end a great race. For sale, race bike, hardly used and never (honestly) crashed!!!! Stage 5 was up Wilunga hill twice at the end of the stage. 3 Km climb starting at 11%, settling to 7% the rest of the way. We rode up and then settled at 400 metres to go. Local paper estimated 120 thousand people through Wilunga town and up the climb. Fantastic atmosphere with towns out in force and campers all along the road. Richie Porte crushing them all! A great event, made better by being out in beautiful weather on a bike.

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