Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Clothing, final update!

OK, finally everything is up and available to order from Champion!  Whew, that was a little more involved than I had planned for and hopefully their front-end user interface will get a ton better with time, but we are now good to go and order everything I recommended.

All the women clothing is now available. This is the Bella Shorts and Jerseys.

The clear rain jacket (which is essential if you are heading to Oliver) is available. The Repel jacket is crazy expensive, so only order if you are looking for a specific piece of equipment.

Remember, make sure to first use the LEFT login screen to login with: speed and the password: theory

Then you make your profile and can order.

Here is the link with detailed instructions to order.

Remember, you have to be a CURRENT club member to order clothing. Follow this link to register.

I apologize for Champion's horrible horrible front end, but I am hoping it improves greatly over time, like their clothes did from when we first started with them like 7 years ago.

Thanks guys, and see most of you soon,

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