Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Night Series... race director needed.

Club, with Mike's move to Dallas, we have lost a very active, long standing, and involved club member. One thing Mike did the last couple years was head up our club's commitment to hosting 5 of the 15 Wednesday Night Series events. It would be great if someone took this over, so the series continues smoothly and as awesome as ever.

What would be required:

Not a huge amount of time commitment. Essentially, you need to be around for 5 Wednesday evenings and come up with a few fun courses or races that you would have liked to compete in yourself. You will have lots of help with course ideas from guys like Darcy, Tom, Ernie, and Dennis who have raced this series in the past and know what works. The races are pretty casual in terms of their time commitment. If you decide you would like to host a 10mile TT say on one of the Wednesdays, you simply post the route and the meeting point on the WNS site on Monday night with the request for how many volunteers you'll need (typically two). Then on Wednesday afternoon (around 2pm) you look at the weather forecast and ensure there are no tornado's rolling into town. If the weather is suspect, you post a 'its a go' or 'its a NO go' post, at your discretion, and everyone will respect your decision. Then you show up with a few sheets of paper and your stop watch on your phone. You organize your volunteers and start the event. Everyone thanks you after and you head home smiling that you contributed to Alberta Cycling.

If you are intimidated with coming up with 5 events, don't be. You will have lots of help and suggestions. We just need someone to say they will take the lead on this.

The Crankies will do the first set of 5 I believe, we typically do the second set, and then hopefully another club will step up to host the next set of 5.

Let Darcy or I know if you would like to help.

Thank you,

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