Saturday, February 7, 2015

Clothing Update. (UPDATED Thurs evening Feb. 12th)

I have been having a few questions about the clothing order and this new method Champion System has implemented.

Women's shorts.
I have asked Sean from Champion (our contact) why there aren't the standard shorts and bib shorts offered on the sale site, only the really expensive Razor model. He said that is an error and he will add it soon, so I will update here when that happens.

[Update] :  They are currently creating the the proofs. So I am going to get them to extend the deadline out so that this is possible.

Your a new member, or new cyclist.... the choices are overwhelming!!
Looking at what is offered through inexperienced eyes would be tough. On Monday I will post a 'The Essentials' list so you know what you need and what is 'extra'. So hold off if you are unsure and I will let you know on Monday.

Essentials for Men:
To race an ABA race or to show that you are part of the club in the Wednesday Night Series, you will need at least an STC jersey. The CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey is perfectly fine. A lot of the club has gone with the Airlite Short Sleeve Jersey since the material is a little lighter and it is cooler on warm days. I have the 'Summer' jersey and really like it for hot days and it is really light. So get at least one of those. The 'Edge' stuff isn't really worth it. The 'Razor' line of jerseys are OK, but I don't think super if this is your first couple of jerseys. They are more 'race' type jerseys since they are quite tight and I think the pockets are a little smaller. I have some 'Razor' ones, but they aren't all I wear by any means.

Most guys wear bib shorts. The CS Bib Shorts are perfectly fine as long as you get the 'Silicon Gripper' upgrade. A lot of people have liked the longer distance chamois. The 'Edge' stuff isn't worth it. The Summer ones are quite thin and I would suspect wear out more quickly. The Razor bibs are OK, but they are quite compressiony and shouldn't be your only shorts. These would be shorts you order after you know what you want more. I have a couple pair of these and they are good, but it's not like I don't wear the regular bibs anymore or anything.

Vest or light jacket (optional):
A lot of people like vests. The 'Windguard' vest DOES NOT have rear pockets, which really sucks. Get the 'Intermediate Vest' so you still have access to your nutrition and now you have 6 pockets if you are on a long ride! I have the 'Thermoshield' Vest and I use it quite a bit and it has pockets too. I find with this vest, it is quite usable for Calgary, since it really isn't really hot for very long.

As far as jackets go, I really like my Thermoshield jacket and it has rear pockets as well. There are a few other really expensive options, like the Repel jacket, but I'd hold off until you are a more experienced cyclist and you know exactly what you want. That would be a lot of money to spend and maybe you find you don't use it that much. I have the Repel one and it is awesome, but I got it when I knew exactly what I wanted and what I would use.

One really really useful piece of clothing is the Clear Rain Jacket. you can pack this in your jacket rear pocket and pull it out whenever. I never ride without at least this jacket...ever. It is no big deal to stuff in your jersey rear pocket and pull it out if the weather turns.

Women's Essentials:
Everything is the same as the men, however, get the longer distance chamois for sure.  Most women prefer Shorts as opposed to Bibs. So only get the bibs if you know that you want them, otherwise, if you are fairly new, shorts instead of bibs are good for now.

Feedback from our women are that the 'Razor' shorts aren't flattering since there is a tight seam that runs mid inner thigh.

Ask any questions as comments here, since I am sure others are wondering the same thing.


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