Monday, April 13, 2015

Done. Log it! The Tombstone 600.

Just a quick update: I hope Stephen can write a little more soon.

The three of us on Day 2 around 450km in on Gates Pass.
Stephen, Paul, and I completed the Tombstone 600km Brevet this evening. It was actually 614km, and let me tell you, after 600km, that 14km hurt the head!

The weather was warm, but the hellacious winds were a massive problem on the day. The course distance is large enough, that there were extremely long sections in one direction. At one point in the ride, we had 102km of block headwinds where it was too loud to yell to each other. 6 hours in the small ring in concert level white noise is tough mentally, let me tell you!  Anyway, we completed 412km on the first, day, but we were pretty beat up by the extra 4 hours over the expected completion time. We got a shower, some food, and some sleep, then bagged the last 202km today, when it was much more favourable weather.

A brevet is unlike a race in that it is simply an event you partake in and try to complete the ride as strongly as you can. We all finished and still like cycling, so that is a win in our books.

Hopefully more to come from Stephen!

Garmin file here.
Stephen and Trev riding into the Sunset close to Sonoita about 320km in.



ECosman said...

Congrats to you all, sounds like tons of fun (not)!

Ken Erdman said...

Amazing! Even your competitive admirers would admit this 614 is truly epic. Congratulations!

mikehealy said...

Nice, how do you explain the 2 speed bumps in the middle of the night on your garmin speed graph?

BikingBakke said...

They don't call it the tombstone for nothing... at least you didn't succumb to being under one from those winds!

Mark said...

Nice work gents!

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