Thursday, April 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 2009 Mt. Norquay Hill Climb

After hearing the news about Banff Bike Fest being cancelled, I thought about other races that have been swept away by the sands of time. For three years the Mt. Norquay Hill Climb was THE focus race for me and, quite frankly, the only race I really cared about. Five kms of glorious, windy switchbacks with a nice flat to finish off the pain and, for the 2009 edition, fresh pavement with nary a crack in it. Oh, this day held potential for some fast times.

The 2009 edition was to be the last, after Parks Canada clamped down on using the road for competitions. Perhaps having the race on September 13 brought bad luck? Whenever we drive the TCH through Banff, I always find myself glancing up the Norquay road, thinking about old times, and reminding my wife that I had some ok results at that race. Strangely enough, I've never done this climb since that 2009 race.

Mt. Norquay Hill Climb Blog
2009 Results (A painful reminder that I used to be fast(ish). The year before was pretty good, too.)

(Photo: C. Mayne, via the Mt. Norquay Hill Climb blog)


Steve P said...

What? Banff Bike Fest cancelled?! That's super unfortunate.


I was fortunate to participate in the final Norquay Hill Climb, and it was why I got more involved in racing. The hill climbs, for me, were a great opportunity to push as hard as I could without worrying about tactics or keeping a reserve. They offered pure unadulterated pain, and there was zero excuses for a bad placing - it was completely up to you.

Andres Perdomo said...

Bike fest was my favorite event I was looking forward that hill climb. I could see myself improving every year as I tried to break past times from previous years. Too bad. Instead this year with have kicking horse it should be a good race as well.

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