Monday, April 20, 2015

WildCat Roubiax - Time to Sign Up

There are only about 8 people signed up for this event.  Span needs a lot me people in order to hold this event so if you want to enjoy this race please sign up soon or the race will be cancelled.  :(

Go to the events page on the ABA website.  Scroll down till you see the WildCat Roubiax and click on the zone 4 link.  That is it. 


Harley B

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Dallas said...

Thanks Harley

Yes, due to the new mandatory fees incurred by the MD ($250 just to apply for a permit, another $600 for Road side sign rentals) The average cost so far to just run a break even event is about $1600.

Either way we're committed for this Saturday & 2015, but turnout will determine if we host the event again in 2016.
For obvious reasons.

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