Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Penticton Day 3 Report

Anarchist... The fear was in the crew, some were puking even before it was ultimately conquered:
Hey Andrew, you're supposed to do that at the top!
Harley led about 20 of us out today. Another beautiful day later cooled with cloud cover - perfect cycling weather. Up Anarchist with Jay crushing all. Followed by lunch at the "Best Timmies in Canada" Fast cruise back to Penticton with Jenn calling the monster session over the last stretch. 172Km, 2000 metres of elevation.
Smiles all around after 160K! Thanks to Harley for great organization!
PS - Klaus - remember your water next ride.

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Andres Perdomo said...

Klaus, arm warmers and a vest would also come handy when desending the anarchists. Good job getting up there. Good job everyone.

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