Saturday, May 2, 2015

Remember, the Training Forum is where all the action is!

It is great to see all the action in the Training Forum and special thank you's to Marie for hosting the Women's Skills Night and Skill Ride this week, and as always to Harley for hosting the Thursday night Skills rides.  I see Carl has already got the Wheelers ride going, hopefully there was an OK turn out.

Even if you are new to the club, don't hesitate to post a ride, just state the intention, 'Social No-Drop Ride', or 'Training Tempo Ride', or 'Hammer', or 'Coffee Shop Tour', or whatever, but just post it! Having someone to ride with is always a better option than riding alone.

Here is the direct link to the Training Forum.

A lot of the club will be out in Penticton next week, so it is up to the ones left behind to keep up the Training Forum. Harley, Ernie, Marie will all be in Penticton, so get on it!


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