Thursday, May 14, 2015

Penticton Day Five - Part A (Mt. Baldy out and back)

Today's overcast and slightly cool early start was well attended with 23 people heading out towards Oliver for the Mt. Baldy climb, with an extended option of continuing on past the gravel to climb the backside of Anarchist and head down in to Osoyoos for lunch before heading back to Penticton. We met Trev in Oliver and he lead a handful and a half of guys out for the long ride. The rest of us did an out and back up Mt. Baldy with super strong finishes all around! We were thankful for the cool, overcast skies as we all put the hurt on to get up that climb.

Cheers all around as we finished at the gravel, lots of food and water, and a quick descent before heading back to Penticton for a much needed coffee and lunch.

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