Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Clothing Order, Second Round! It is open from now until June 22nd.

We have opened the Store Front from Champion for the second round this year. Go to this link and enter the login:  speed  and the password: theory  You then create your own login so that Champion knows who the order is going toward.

The store front is a fair bit clunky and Champion is developing it, but it works. Here are some recommendations if you are ordering as a new club member and aren't sure what to get.

Choose the size you want by looking at their sizing charts here. THESE CLOTHES ARE MADE FOR YOU and we DON'T STOCK ANY CLOTHING!

CS Air Lite Jersey with full zip, with no Silicon or other upgrades. (For men and women)

Donna Forte Bella Jersey with full zip, with no other upgrades.

CS Pro Bib Shorts with Injection Grippers for men or women (but women don't typically like bib shorts)

Donna Forte Bella Short for women.

OK, go to the login here and make your orders!  THIS STORE FRONT CLOSES ON JUNE 22nd.

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