Thursday, June 4, 2015

New awesome race announced! Ghost of the Gravel!

The Deadgoats have just announced what you will be doing next weekend! on June 14th.

View the Ghost of the Gravel race poster here.

I strongly encourage our members to register for this event. We need to support events like this and the idea to have a huge loop road race with challenging terrain is exactly what this province needs. If you don't think road bikers race on gravel, watch Stage 20 of this year's Giro!

Register here. I will be there for sure.



Chuck J said...

I'm thinking of entering, will wait to see the weather forecast.

Any recommendations for tires to use? I'll ride my road bike.

Trev said...

I am going to use my road bike with 28's, but I have heard that that may be a bit light. The last time I did the loop I rode 32's on my cross bike.


Chuck J said...


We should cache a truck at the end of the gravel, change to road bikes.
Like a pro!

ECosman said...

How do these roads compare to Baldy? I did that day on 25's. That's about all my road bike will handle I think.

Trev said...

I just shot Erik a text to ask. The last time I was on these roads was last year and it was raining and super muddy.


Trev said...

The word is that a road bike with 28's should be OK as long as you are careful on some of the descents.

Trev said...

I just heard from a dude who heard from another dude that they laid fresh gravel on some of the road for the race. So maybe 28's won't be enough. :) Maybe if it rains hard, it will be a 'Cross bike' kind of day.


kingstrup said...

Another Dude suggested a Yamaha 250?

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